Dog Styling: With over 20 years of experience, we will meticulously attend to your cherished pets every need. Whether receiving a full-grooming or just a bath & tidy, you can rest assured that the highest quality products will be combined with the most advanced grooming techniques to provide your pet with a service that truly is "a breed apart."

Want something different for your pet? Try a semi-permanent (temporary) colored design...we can also add bling, "tatoos", and nail polish.

Please Note: This Poodle, Lexi, was loved and owned by Linda Morris.

We use a specialized shampoo to match their skin needs and express their anal glands , at no additional charge! You will be pleased to know we brush your dog's teeth for only $5.

We have very comfortable personal pens so your pet is very relaxed during their stay with us. All pets get fresh water and a potty break after their groom.

There is an additional charge for combing out tangles and pets with fleas.

Don't need our full services now? Just need nails?                                            

That is only $14 for cutting and $19 for filing.